Bella the Basset Hound Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Basset Hound Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Basset Hound Jack Russell Terrier Mix

From Wendy: What a wonder, zooming around the yard in a big figure 8, with little legs working hard to carry that long Basset body and adorable Jack Russell face! She’s been easy to train, graduating beginner obedience class.

She can be LOUD, but only barks when begging or playing, not at strangers or the door bell! Her play tactic with other dogs has been rolling over on her back, usually at their feet, nosing their necks. A definite flirt!

Loves to be held, thinks she is a lap dog. She’s getting bigger than expected, 25LB at 6 months old.

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  1. Maria says:

    I have a basset hound/jack russel as well. A very handsome 13 year old boy named Tucker. Your little Bella looks similar to him.

    From my experience, they’re very sweet, loving dogs who want to be pet by everyone (so probably not a very good guard dog). Tucker gets along well with cats and absolutely adores children. I hope Bella grows up to be sweet like that too.

    It seems she’s growing up pretty fast. Tucker did too. We thought he’d max out at 30LB, but he kept going until he was 50LB! So don’t be too surprised if she just keeps on growing.

    Tucker, however, was not easy to train. Nor is he very bright. For 12 years, he couldn’t figure out how to push open a door that was already partway open: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ip7SvXDHKQ

    What he lacks in brains he makes up for in hardiness. He got valley fever when he was 9 and kicked it’s butt! And he’s still going strong. From what I can tell, the basset/jack russell combination is very healthy, so you’ve got yourself a beautiful, happy, and hardy pup! Enjoy her!!

    Here’s some more videos of my boy. Because I love to share 🙂

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