Benny the Basset Hound Bulldog Mix

Basset Hound Bulldog Mix Picture

Basset Hound Bulldog Mix

From Sharon: Benny is a Basset Hound Bulldog mix. Benny is a 1 year old BullyBasset. I always say that his face is the Basset Hound, and his body is the Bulldog. Sometimes he’s mistaken for a Beagle. He is probably the most playful dog I have ever met in my life. He loves to run. When he gets hyper, he runs around the whole house. Benny is very stubborn and hates the word “no”. He sheds a lot. When we first got Benny, the only thing he had trouble learning was potty training. Just recently, Benny started getting into a lot of things. He started chewing up the rugs, tearing apart papers on tables, stealing food, and eating shoes. overall, he’s still a good dog. I’m sure some training will help.

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