Beagle Labrador Retriever Mix

Labrador Retriever Beagle Mix Picture

Beagle Labrador Retriever Mix

From Chris: Rosie is a dumpster rescue. Her mother was a field beagle from a nearby house. Her dad is not known, however, as she has grown and I have compared her to pictures on the internet I’m pretty convinced the dad was Labrador Retriever or mostly lab as she looks like a Labbe. Rosie is merry and playful. She is great with the kids, chases but does not hurt cats, and is full of energy. Rosie is a bit stubborn due to her hound heritage and is quick to trail. She has a beagle’s voice and know how to use it. She stays in a pen during the day and comes in at night to sleep in the kitchen and hang with the family. Like any good hound, Rosie is a wash and wear dog with few grooming needs.

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