Beagle + Pug = Puggle

Puggle = Pug + Beagle

Pug + Beagle = Puggle

The Puggle might be one of the more popular “designer mutts”.  The Puggle might be one of the more popular “designer mutts”.  The offspring of a female Beagle with a male Pug, Puggles tend to take the color of the pug, ears of a Beagle, tail of a pug, while the snout tends to be darker. While I see a lot of Pug in most of the characteristics, the overall look of the dog is often very Beagle like.


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  1. […] little guy is a Basset Hound Pug Mix. He turned out rather close to a Puggle in looks.  Don’t you love how many mutts where socks? Bookmark It Hide Sites […]

  2. […] Puggles are known to wanna please their owners, but basic training does require some effort, primarily because these dogs love to play around and sometimes find it hard to settle down and focus. Particularly potty training Puggles can present an even greater challenge, and should be approached with patience and dillegence.   To better understand your puggle, learn about both beagles and pugs and be sure to check out  Puggle pictures. […]

  3. Mendis Lee says:

    A Puggle dog is a relatively new hybrid dog breed produced by mating a small female Beagle with a select male Pug. Puggle are the most popular designer dog breed. Puggle are for cuddles. The hot designer dog of the decade.

  4. Proud Purebreed dog owner says:

    Puggles are, and I’ll tell the truth, Mutts! Why make more mutts when thousands die every day in shelters.

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