Buddy – Boxer Beagle Mix

Boxer Beagle Mix Picture Photo

Boxer Beagle Mix

From Abigail: Buddy is something of another kind. I’m not 100% about his breed since i adopted him. When he was a puppy, he never played much only wanted to sit on everyone including my 13 year old miniauture dauschound. But now almost 2, he is more like a 3 yr old toddler. He loves playing, cuddling, and pretending to be a lap dog. His coat is still soft and plush since he was a pup and barely needs to be groomed. He’ll be two on mother’s day and I am completely surprised he still looks like a puppy.

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  1. vivian maxwell says:

    hi!,I like your dog very much! Beagles and Boxers are two of my faves and they are both a lot of fun.

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