Bulldog Beagle Mix

Bulldog Beagle mix

Beagle Bulldog Mix

Mix a Bulldog and Beagle and you may get a very solid looking Beagle that might not be to big on running around chasing rabbits. In fact, the dog might consider breathing good exercise like most Bulldogs do.

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  2. Conni says:

    We recently got a Bulldog/Beagle mix female who is just about as cute as they come – has a lot of “look” of a beagle about her, but some bulldog features, too, like little pouches on her jaw line, a slight and ever-so-cute underbite, slightly bowed legs, lays out flat with her hind legs stretched behind her like a bulldog can. I didn’t know until I searched for “bulldog beagle mix” online that this is a new “designer” dog – I call her a Bugle, although now I see that they are being called “BeaBulls”, which I think just sounds dumb . . .

  3. Tim says:

    This dog is so cool looking! Almost like a science experiment where they attached a beagle head to a bulldog body! I have a dog who’s mother is pit bull and his father is a rottweiler/german shepherd mix. Call him a rotten gerbil(Rot&GerBull).

  4. Tammy wall says:

    My English bulldog recently was breed by accident to a beagle . I am taking her to have ultrasound done next week 🙂

  5. Daniel says:

    I have a pomeranian rat terrier mix we call a rataranian.

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