Luna the Akita Beagle Mix

Akita Beagle Mix

Akita Beagle Mix

From Eric: Luna is a interesting mixed breed we acquired as an informal rescue. She has a very strong prey drive from both breeds. Her ears are a mix of both breed’s ears. Triangular, but the top quarter is tipped over. And they are set at a bit of an angle toward the side of her head.
She seems pretty smart, but Beagles are known to be easily distracted and stubborn whole Akitas are independent and willful. So while she learns pretty quickly she may not be interested in doing what you want her to do. She was 25 lbs at a year old, but still seems to be growing and developing a little bit. Her hair is shorter from her Beagle genes which lets her Akita musculature show nicely. Her bite seems quite strong for her size and may be from having a somewhat tall head.

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