Montana a Beagle American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Beagle American Pit Bull Terrier Mix picture

Beagle American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Nia: Montana is a German Shepherd, Beagle, American Pit Bull Terrier mix.  Super smart, listens well, is great with children.  People worry about him being Pitt but he is a total teddy bear lapdog. He is about 50 pounds, boxy pitt head, very beagle in the way he stands and he has white beagle marking in his fur. Has a very german shepherd coloring, a beagle personality, but has definite Pitt features. He likes to take a walk or two a day, but is mostly content to curl up next to whoever is home, and try to get pet.

He’s a rescue, so we don’t know what happened in his before life, he has a few scars, and we suspect he was homeless.  Still, he is quick to take to children, loves cuddles, being with the family, playing fetch, and car rides.   Does give into his beagle instinct to chase at times, but still does good with the cats, and other dogs.  He will growl, but never tries to bite, and will stop and come when called.  Super good dog for my depression and anxiety problems, he is great a comforting and cheering me up.

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