Pete the Beagle Rottweiler Mix

Beagle Rottweiler Mix picture

Beagle Rottweiler Mix

From Cheyenne: Pete is a Beagle Rottweiler mix. My Pete is loyal and smart. He is a loner yet everybody knows him. He loves me. Even though that three of us live with him he listens to me, follows me, protects me, is always at my side. Pete is stubborn but yet he listens. He is an overall good dog. He looks like a rottweiler but is the size of a beagle. He is good at hunting and has a good appetite and he doesn’t kill farm animals, only squraills and rabbits. he is a bit different from this little pup, but not by much, juat by size and he has only a little speck of white on his chest.

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