Zeke and Mollie – Beagle Rottweiler German Shepherd Mixes

Beagle Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix Picture

Beagle Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix

From Paula: This is Zeke and Molly at 8 wks…Zeke (my daughter in law’s dog) and Molly are brother and sister…two from a litter of 5. She has more markings of the Rottweiler, and the stature of the Beagle…but his features seem to resemble that of a German Shepherd Dog. She is petite and light weight like a beagle, he is built more like a Clydesdale horse! They are both good, loving and friendly dogs. He is laid back and is just as happy laying on the floor as well as on your legs…She is simply a cuddle bug and more comfy sleeping in your lap. Zeke adopts whomever he feels is mommy or alpha at the time, Molly is a momma’s girl through and through! At four months old, he weighs in at almost 30 lbs and she at around 20-25. Molly would be good at agility testing and training…both are very powerful and would be good sled dogs! We are looking forward to seeing how not only the physical traits but also their different personalities develop and grow over the years…

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