Evie the Belgian Tervuren American English Coonhound Mix

Belgian Teruven English Coonhound Mix picture

Belgian Teruven English Coonhound Mix

From Elysia: Evie looks like a pure mutt. She is mostly American English Coonhound with a Belgian Tervuran and Lab mix. Her big ears are from the coonhound while they stand up like the Teruvans. Her appetite and love of treats comes from the lab. She loves to hunt (really just chase after deer and bunnies), hike, run and play. She helps me train for all my running races, and is a good motivator if I feel lazy. She does everything with a passion. When she’s sleepy she wants her cuddles and loves hugs and kisses.  She is great with kids and adults and she always sleeps with a smile on her face.

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