Buster the Coonhound German Shepherd Dog Mix

Coonhound German Shepherd Dog Mix Photo Picture

Coonhound German Shepherd Dog Mix

From Becky: Buster is a rambunctious lad of around 18 months who was literally dumped over the play yard fence at Elmore SPCA. Part Coon Hound and part German Shepard, he is extremely intelligent and resourceful. It is very evident though that he has had no training. He is a big goof ball, all legs and lolling tongue! Buster HATES to be caged. He is a tall dog and just didn’t fit in the kennels available at Elmore. Buster is being fostered right now by an Elmore employee and doing wonderfully! Buster currently resides with 2 cats, another male dog, a three year old and a woman with Alzheimer’s. He sits and lays on command and is house trained. He is very food driven and at first he was counter surfing, mostly because he is the same height as the table! He is doing beautifully, keeping his nose off the table and out of people’s plates! Buster gets better behaved every day. The woman with Alzheimer’s cannot move around him so he has to “stand” still when she is moving. He is catching on very quickly to this command as well. He is still working on not biting that leash! Buster spends his days hiding the other dogs chewy’s and running and playing as a puppy should! He has room to run but is hampered by a 50 foot lead line right now. He really needs to be somewhere fenced in so he can get that energy out! He is a smart, high spirited boy, who doesn’t like to be bored! This is a fantastic dog that just needs his own family soon! Buster has Service Dog training so he can go to a Service Dog home or family home is fine too.

Buster is currently in foster care. If you are interested in giving him a forever home contact Elmore SPCA, Peru, NY at 518-643-2451 .

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  1. Ann says:

    Buster looks sooo much like my Pong both in looks and in your description of his behavior. We’re pretty sure Pong’s German Shepherd and Black and Tan Coonhound. He’s a super smart problem solver that his highly motivated by food and his restlessness is due to the fact that he gets bored easily. Before, when boredom struck, he’d find a shoe or something of ours to chew or run off with to grab our attention. Eventually, in order to meet his attention demands, we ended up adopting him a Lab/Bluetick Coonhound Mix for a brother named Dig Dug. He’s since stopped his mischievous destruction and took to his little bro right away.

    I’ll have to post a pic of him and his brother to this site when I get home from work. 🙂 You’ll be amazed at the similarities.

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