Bloodhound Mixed with Mastif equals Fila Brasileiro

mutt bloodhound english mastiff fila brasileiro mix

Bloodhound + Mastiff = Fila Brazilerio

The Fila Brasileiro is not a mutt or a modern crossbreed. It is a cross between an English Mastiff a Bloodhound. The Fila is the national dog of Brazil. They are solid working dogs with great scent, courage, strength, and are loyal to their master. Filas are great watch dogs, imposing to strangers but are very kind, gentle and sensitive to their owners. Brazilians use the saying “Faithful as a Fila.” A Fila will know when you are down and will be the perfect antidote for a bad day. The breed is great with children within the family.

3 Responses to “Bloodhound Mixed with Mastif equals Fila Brasileiro”

  1. Luis says:

    A Fila is much more than a mutt/crossbreed of a Bloodhound and a Mastiff.

  2. bob says:

    A Fila was bread for hundreds of years to eliminate qualities not wanted, and retain qualities that were wanted.. Simply mixing two breeds once, does not a Fila make.. Mixing two breeds once, will not necessarily get you the behavioral characteristics of said breed.. it takes many years of breading and selecting certain dogs for future breading, as each crossbreed will retain different characteristics from its parents. A true Fila is one of the most difficult dogs to own, and requires a heavy hand from their master. In your presence, a neighbor will be a friend of the Fila, but if they come to your house and you are not there, the dog will treat them as a complete stranger and enemy.. they require heavy training as puppies, if kept as a family pet.. heavy socialization as puppies with other dogs, or strange dogs will become dead dogs in the future.. owning a true Fila Brasileiro is a big undertaking, and not to be taken lightly..

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