Border Collie Boston Terrier Mix

Border Collie Boston Terrier Mix

Border Collie Boston Terrier Mix

From Jenn: Lieutenant Dan is a happy and goofy dog. He has the smarts of the Border Collie but the personality of the Boston Terrier. He weighs about 42 lbs and is just over 1 year old. His ears started out floppy but perked up at about 9-10 weeks old.

He will go-go-go all day if needed but will also be lazy all day if needed. He loves the water and  to chase balls. He loves to chase animals and goes off leash no problem. He is friendly with people and dogs. He doesn’t really herd people but he definitely does the border collie creeping and or stalking.

As a puppy he was a bit aggressive to people and fearful. But now that he has been socialized he is a great all around dog. He likes to come off as tough and will bark at people he is unsure of, but then will get all excited and excessively lick their faces. He turned out to be a very interesting mixed puppy and everyone always comments on how different he is.

Here are some more Border Collie mix dogs on Pinterest.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Wow! That pose sure looks like a border collie! Very, very cute!

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