Coco Bean – Border Collie Miniature Pinscher Mix

Border Collie Miniature Pinscher Mix picture

Border Collie Miniature Pinscher Mix

From Aylin: Coco Bean is a  Border Collie Miniature Pinscher mix. She has beautiful brown eyes, and has the coat pattern of a rottweiler. She loves to run and is very fast at it, very sweet and protective of us towards other dogs and some people. She gets along with everybody and just wants to be petted and hugged. She doesn’t like to be alone or chained up for t0o long.

She has big pointed ears like her mom and also a slender body but has strong legs from all her running. Very much a barker like her mother but very submissive towards me. She use to destroy everything she got her teeth into and loved to dig holes but we trained her not to. She loves her toys, loves to play tug a war and run around and be chased by my American Pit Bull Terrier. She doesn’t really like other females is what I’ve noticed. She’s been a great mom in the past with her puppies and loves to explore and play with them.

Shes a great dog, very beautiful and easy to fall in love with.

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  1. mishquell says:

    My dog looks very similar to her. Reading this it sounds like something I would post about my boy! I feel like I finally know what kind of mix he is

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