Ellie Mae: Border Collie, Boxer, English Bull Terrier Mix

Border Collie Boxer Mix Picture Photo

Border Collie Boxer Mix

From Vanessa: Ellie Mae is a 6 months old Border Collie, Boxer, and English Bull Terrier Mix; according to the blood work a “mixed breed” also came up but for the most part she is those breeds (percentage wise). She’s a very energetic puppy and also very smart. She does have a food allergy with corn and wheat, it causes her to have diarrhea and bad gas. She over-all very well behaved. BUT she does have a little separation anxiety (i’m not sure if that runs with any of those breeds) and she’s also a jumper like boxers and border collies. She’s an amazing affectionate pup, not sure if i’d recommend her with young children. Hope this helped!

5 Responses to “Ellie Mae: Border Collie, Boxer, English Bull Terrier Mix”

  1. Alton Fullbright says:

    That sounds like a mix of a smart dog with a fun dog with a fun dog.

  2. Faviola Aranas says:

    would love to incessantly get updated outstanding website ! .

  3. Leda Karstetter says:

    looks alot like my Emma, 7 mo old!

  4. Maureen Brown says:

    I see this is a couple years old but I came across a couple of pics of this beautiful girl while I was searching around for pics of dogs that look like our rescue pup. Ellie Mae looks EXACTLY like our dog just with different coloring. What’s interesting, she is perfect in every way but also has separation anxiety. Shelter told us she was a smooth collie/beagle mix but everyone that stops us when we walk her ask if she’s a boxer. I’ve never seen another dog like our Bella so it’s really cool to see a look a like. 🙂

  5. Tamera says:

    Looks like our Nickadimus who is Queensland, boxer, border collie mix.

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