Henry Wrinkler the Shar-Pei Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

Shar-Pei Border Collie Chihuahua Mix picture

Shar-Pei Border Collie Chihuahua Mix

From Pikey: His dad is full blooded bear coat Shar-Pei and his mother is half Border Collie half long haired Chihuahua. She had four babies all looked mostly shar pie. I kept 2 and had 2 friends who needed a puppy.

600 really that’s way to much for a minimum. You know you are going to get some filler in the middle somewhere I mean I stil barely over halfway through at this ppoint. Dddiiiddd uuuuuuu wwwwaaaaannntttt aaaaaaa nnnnnnoooooovvvveeeelllll??????? six hundred characters is absolutely positivly utterly unnessacary. Aaaaaaasllllllllmmmmmmmooooosssssttttttttttttttttttttt ttthhhhhhhheeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee….. db

Note for AllMutt: Yes, I asked for a little more description. Maybe I will develop some questions to make 600 characters easy like how does the dog do with strangers, how active is the dog, what traits of each breed is obvious, what about shedding, how clinging is the pup, was it a rescue.

2 Responses to “Henry Wrinkler the Shar-Pei Border Collie Chihuahua Mix”

  1. Todd says:

    I am the lucky friend who got his brother. These dogs are amazing. I’ll post a picture of Rigby soon.

  2. Dawn says:

    Is Henry Wrinkler still available? Where are you located? I would love to meet Henry Winkler and perhaps adopt him.

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