Hera the Border Collie Saint Bernard Mix

Border Collie Saint Bernard Mix picture

Border Collie Saint Bernard Mix

From Bethany: Hera is my 10 yr old, 60 lb Border Collie mutt I rescued. Her mom was a purebred collie that got out once and came back pregnant, so her other breeds are a guess. She kind of has German Shepherd or St Bernard coloring (she actually looks a lot like a small Leonberger). She sheds a LOT; in tufts, like a double coat, seasonal and hairs yearlong. Her coat is beautiful though, and very full in her hind quarters and tail. It has never matted, even when I neglect brushing her for a while.

She’s got the general frame of Border Collie, just bigger, and has the happiest face with the floppy ears. She often gets compliments and a lot of attention when we go out.
As a puppy she was super energetic and quite a handful, but she learned well and got awarded the ‘Most Improved’ title at her dog training class. She does a variety of tricks now and is very well behaved with all sorts of kids, dogs, and smaller pets. She’s very alert and will bark once when strangers visit, but then she is happy to meet them. She doesn’t herd us, but she’s always checking in on us.

She behaves wonderfully inside; her energy level is low, she doesn’t jump on people or furniture, and is a happy and content dog. Once outside, she wants to scope out the area, hike, wade in water, run, chase and do whatever else I am up to. We don’t often let her off leash though because she wants to meet everybody, but that probably could be fixed if I trained her more in that area.

Overall, Hera is a great companion and family dog and I suggest Border Collie mixes to anyone that will listen.

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  1. Terry says:

    Hello Hera’s family. I have been hoping you would contact me as I must have a relative of Hera and I want you to see his picture. I don’t know how to find out if you ever see the reply’s but if anyone knows how I can reach Hera’s family, please let me known
    Thanks so much,


  2. Mochawtz says:

    Let me just tell you that that is one beautiful dog you got there, and just look at how bushy that tail is! :3

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