Lieutenant Dan the Boston Terrier Border Collie Mix

Boston Terrier Border Collie Mix picture

Boston Terrier Border Collie Mix

From Jenn: Lieutenant Dan is 8 weeks old. He’s very intelligent already. Learned his basic commands very quickly, is house trained (accidents still happen sometimes) and is already doing very well off-leash on walks. He definitely has the energy of a border collie (he’s already FAST too), and I’m not too familiar with the Boston Terrier breed but when his ears flop up I can really see the Boston in him. His nose doesn’t seem to be too “squished” in like the Boston Terriers. He has long legs, floppy ears, light greyish greenish eyes. He’s very shy around people so far but warmed up to my family very quickly and adapted to our house pretty fast as well.

We have a 12 yr old active healthy Jack Russell Terrier in our house who isn’t too impressed with Lt. Dan so far because the little guy likes to nip at him and wants to play with him desperately. Lt. Dan is definitely a biter which has been the toughest thing to deal with but we are all being very consistent with his training. Even though he’s very energetic, he loves to cuddle and he’ll come sit in my lap while he’s playing. I haven’t been able to find much information at all on this particular mix so I’m hoping I can learn more about it. Will update when he’s fully grown

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