Rascal the Border Collie Mix

Border Collie Mix Dog Photo

Border Collie Mix

From SaS:  I saved this guy from a bad situation when he was just a little pup. He quickly began to grow, and started causing some trouble in the garden, eating and uprooting plants and smashing concrete pots, earning him the name Rascal. He is very laid back and absolutely great with kids. He doesn’t, however, do well with dogs or people he doesn’t know. He actually serves somewhat as a guard dog for us, and HAS on multiple cases dragged a grown man through our lawn by his pants’ leg. He has actually trapped my sister (who he & my other pets dislike) on top of her car. Despite the image you must have given him by now, he’s a total teddy bear and will very willingly cuddle! I’m not talking just sitting in your lap, i mean he will lay beside you and hug you! He is extremely smart.. He is brown brindle on most of his body, with blonde brindle on his lower legs (hard to see in the given picture), and white ‘socks’ on all four feet, the hind being a bit shorter. He has black-tipped ears, which are interesting, because the fur on the tip of his ear is unusually long compared to the rest of the fur on his ear. White under belly, chest, and a white ring around his neck, white-tipped tail, semi white muzzle. Red and blonde can be found randomly through his fur, specifically around his back and rump area. Intelligent brown eyes, very long teeth and canines. Approx 5 years old.

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  1. SaS says:

    Also…I don’t know what the other breed(s) he’s mixed with are/is, but if you have any ideas I’d love to know! If it helps, ALL his litter-mates were black and white, his fur is rough, he runs pretty fast, he’s a great swimmer(I’ve had labs before, and I’d deffinately say he has them out-classed)
    Ideas, anyone?
    And Thanks in advance!

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