Shady – A Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

From Corinne:  Shady is believed to be a Border Collie German Shepherd mix. She clears my 6 foot fence with ease, she will fetch till she dies, and she can run, I have clocked her at 50 km/h. She is a rescue so I am really not sure what breeds are there.

She LOVES to be loved. Always has to have her paw on you somewhere when a person is petting her. Barks like crazy. I have two dogs and live close enough to the country that I am able to take them for a good run every day. We do 14 to 18 km every day ( about 12 miles or so) and she can still go some more.

Does ANYONE know what kind of dog this is??

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  1. Rachelle says:

    I’m guessing Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix, possibly? I’m sure she fits into the working dog/herding dog breed classification judging by what you described. She will surely keep you in shape!

  2. Anna says:

    might be border collie/aussie. I have two aussies and that is there them, Sassy will fetch the ball until she drops, loves to run, they always put their paw in your lap. I love the aussies, the best loyal dog ever!

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