Bear the Papillon Border Terrier Mix

Papillon Border Terrier Mix Picture

Papillon Border Terrier Mix

From  Cassidy:  This is my Bear, right now Bear is 8 months old, he is a Papillon Border Terrier mixed, is 13 1/2 inches tall from the shoulder down to the ground. his fur color is a golden brown with white on his chest that is out lined with black on the chest only, his ears have the trait of a Papillon (fluffy) the hair on the rest of his body is thick but short to a point. His Tail curls and as well takes the trait of the Papillon. he has really dainty paws met for digging. his personality can be summed up in to 2 words, pampered and rotten haha..He loves to go walking, esp if it’s on a hiking trail…he loves to get out in opened areas and at times he digs holes (if something is underneath the ground). Bear is a very energetic dog, always has enough energy to run and play fetch…Bear is a very good watch dog, he protects my wife if anyone gets close to her he does not like…over all, he’s a really good dog…very obedient but some times stubborn, he has his corky moments where he does something unusual that will crack us up…wouldn’t trade him for the world. However we got bear when he was about 3 to 4 months old, he was tossed out a car and left to fend for himself, 2 days after the event we came to adopt him, after holding him a few moments..since then he has been with us and we have enjoyed him being around every since.

Treat a dog with enough love and kindness and they will recognize you not only as there owner but a pack leader. Believe it or not they are like kids, and every dog is capable of learning anything you wish just takes the right amount of patience.


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