Not a mutt – a Red Boston Terrier??

Red Boston Terrier Photo Picture

Red Boston Terrier

I was running in Laguna Niguel Regional Park the other day and saw a woman walking a Boston Terrier and a similar dog but it was red and white. My thoughts were that it might be a French Bulldog mix. Maybe it had some Basenji due to the color and upright ears. The color could have meant it was part Dachshund but would need some Bulldog to have the short snout. My mutt mind was spinning.

I stopped and asked the lady what the red one was and she said it was a Red Boston Terrier. I was shocked and Googled for red Boston Terriers when I finished up my run. I always liked Bostons and knew a bit about them but as far as I knew they were always black and white. It is interesting to see many examples online.




Fawn Boston Terrier Photo Mix

Fawn Boston Terrier

I Googled a bit more and found that there were other unusual Boston colors like fawn, brindle, seal, and white. Some of them looked a little more mix breed than others. I think this one looks a but like a French Bulldog but I’ll take the search engines word for it.


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