Boxer Dachshund Mix named Altruline

Boxer Dachshund Mix picture

Boxer Dachshund Mix

From Anders: Me and my cousin are neighbours, she has a precious female tiger striped Boxer called Cody. When she went on trip to Europe she asked me to take care of her home for half a year. Thing we’re going smooth until the last month, all because of my dog, Pelu, a male smooth coat Dachshund, wanted to go to the house, and I wasn’t so happy to take him there because he was always attacked by Cody(he tried to mount her even if she wasn’t in her days). So one weekend I went out leaving my sister in charge. And that’s how it all happened. We were a little bit concerned about how Boxer Dachshund are going to be, more Boxer-like, more Dachshund, but at the end everyone ended to be mildly more balanced to their father’s side. A little bit more heavier though, and with their mother’s coat and easy going personality. We offered to some friends and everyone were delighted, specially because they all inherited the mother’s behavior (my dog is not so friendly with any of my friends).

Altruline has six years now, living with his father of 13 years, and my other dog, a cute two years old black lab. He is such a perfect hybrid, that why we kept him. He resembles the both breeds, Boxer Dachshund,  best qualities almost equally, except that he is a certified digger, and he is the only one who can’t swim! I think because of his tiny legs and being too heavy(52 lbs.), and long, of course.

He’s is everything to us, I’ve never seen any dog so playful and lovely and harmless like an eternal pup, and also loyal like a Dachshund, his heart is not for everyone. I’m glad our Boxer Dachshund came to our lives from a careless act.

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