Biggie – Boxer and Something Bigger

Boxer Mix Picture Photo

Boxer Mix

From Christina: Biggie is a big teddy bear, we know he has Boxer in him. But he weights over 100 lbs and is very very smart. He is also great with kids. Sometimes I look at different mixes, he could be a yellow lab/box or box/goldie , boxer hound, or even boxer Great Dane.

Webmaster note: Biggie is the one on the left in the photo. There is no information on the pup on the right. 🙂

8 Responses to “Biggie – Boxer and Something Bigger”

  1. Todd Knesel says:

    I love this dog.Thanks Again. I want to see more biggies on AllMutt!

  2. Susan says:

    Look up dog breed “Anatolian Shepherd”. Biggie looks like a purebred.

  3. madison says:

    Our dog looks just like that one, but our dog is a girl and her name is daisy!!!! My mom wants to get in touch because she says that she swears that that is like my dogs brother!!!!!

  4. Carmen Joan says:

    hey- I’m pretty sure i have her brother. His name is cooper. They are IDENTICAL. Cooper is turning 3 this July. Your dog is a Boxer/Great Pyrenees mix. His mom was a boxer and his dad was the neighbors dog- got out = babies!

  5. Martha says:

    A purebred boxer momma came to the yard and didn’t leave. My granny’s old companion made a new friend. Needless to say if a Boxer and Great Pyrenees fall in love you are blessed with the most interesting mix in the world!:) Chuy looks just like your Biggie but Blitzy is a smaller version of Great Pyrrenees! ( Go figure. I love them and pls let me know if you want pics!! Will proudly send and you’re Biggie is beautiful btw:)

  6. amanda says:

    im looking for a pyrenees/boxer mix. my just passed last week

  7. Paige says:

    This dog looks JUST like my avery only a little bigger. She is a boxer/ malamute mix. Yours HAS to be the same breed. email me pdellavolpe@yahoo.com and I could send you some pictures of her!

  8. Marsha says:

    Looks exactly like my boxer/Anatolian mix. Even sits the same way. They could be twins. Does yours shed like crazy? It’s a Anatolian characteristic. Also very quite most of the time – great guard dog – we live in a Condo and he knows who lives there and who doesn’t – busy parking lot but he never barks unless there is a strange person in the parking lot.

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