Doberman Pinscher Boxer Mix named Elsa

Doberman Pinscher Boxer Picture

Doberman Pinscher Boxer Mix

From Claire: Elsa is a four month old pup, rescued from a box on the side of the road with with her two Boxer brothers by Fur Baby Rescue in Los Angeles, CA. She is a super sweet and smart little girl who can keep up with our Boxer boy Simon. They play and love hard. 🙂

She has natural ears and tail, very large paws that she still needs to grow into, crosses her paws like a Dobie and has gangly legs like a Boxer. Like Boxers and Dobies, she loves to be busy and learn new things, and never likes to be too far away. She is very tuned into my commands and looks to me for direction, though she likes to go about doing things in her own way.

Click here for more information about Fur Baby Rescue in Los Angeles, CA.

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