Boxer Whippet Mix – Named Franklin

Boxer Whippet Mix picture

Boxer Whippet Mix

From Winnie: Franklin looks and acts a lot like a boxer- until he stands next to a purebred boxer. He is very fine-boned with long legs and very dainty paws for a dog his size. At a year old, he weighs around 55 pounds and is not expected to get whole lot bigger. His figure is much more like that of a whippet than a boxer.

His head is an interesting mix of boxer and whippet- he has the square jaw and broad forehead of the boxer, along with an endearing underbite. His snout is much longer that a typical boxer though. He is VERY attached to his people and while he is a very high energy dog, his favorite place to be is snuggled up next to you on the couch or in bed. He loves running and he LOVES other dogs.

2 Responses to “Boxer Whippet Mix – Named Franklin”

  1. Emma says:

    Hello! Franklin is a beautiful doggie! May I ask, how did you learn he was a whippet-boxer mix? It was recently suggested to me that my boxer puppy is also part whippet, and now I’m super curious 🙂

  2. Winnie says:

    Hi Emma!

    We did the Wisdom Panel DNA test to determine his mix- highly recommended! He’s also got some retriever and staffordshire bull terrier. He’s adopted from a pitbull rescue so we initially thought pit-boxer, but as he grew we suspected part whippet becuse of his shape- very long and lean- none of the stockiness that one expects from a boxer or a pittie. The DNA test confirmed!

    Again- highly recommend the Wisdom Panel DNA test. It’s a little pricey but it’s really awesome to find out their mix!

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