Juli the Boxer German Shepherd Dog Mix

Boxer German Shepherd Dog Mix Picture

Boxer German Shepherd Dog Mix

From Gail: Juli is a Boxer German Shepherd Dog mix. I am trying to decide what breed my rescue puppy is? She looked more like a boxer as a puppy, especially when her ears stood straight up, but were close-set on her head. I remember thinking the wind sure must be blowing hard. She was about 6 weeks old when I found her in July in middle of a city road near where I live. (I named her Juli.) She is an all-over light tan color, except for a little black marking on her face and nose. She has a wrinkled forehead look. Now, from side view, she looks more like German Shepherd, except she has short, fine hair, which has gotten a little thicker after cold weather began. She is about 40 lbs. now and loves to jump on me, or anyone else. With us standing, her paws will go on my shoulders. She is very hyper, loves to run and play. She is smart as she brings me the newspaper from the end of driveway every day, that is, if I have a treat for her. Otherwise, you can mostly forget the paper. Ha. She learned to “sit” and “no-bite” (my hands) when she was little. However, she will not obey me on no-jump order.

Juli was totally a house dog until about month ago, when she reached chewing stage. Also, she started jumping and flopping on me in mornings, almost hitting my face, to wake me. Her dog bed is right beside my bed. (My cats do this also.) I started letting her sleep in it on porch at night. She uses it, but prefers to be indoors. She is very fast. Are boxers fast? When indoors, she’ll get something she is NOT supposed to have, then dive under the bed so I can’t get it away from her.

Everyone she meets has to comment on her big ears. Her nose is too pointed now to look like a boxer’s nose. My uncle said “she’s got bulldog in her”. So, if I can get a clear enough picture on here, I’d like to know what mixed breed she looks like to you. Juli stays on porch or in yard, so far, when I am home. If I try to leave in car, she will chase my car. That was when I had to fix the small pen for her.

So, main question, after all this writing (which your site can pare down, if you want) what breed does my puppy look most like to you and do you know how to stop a dog from jumping on people? Thank you so much. gbfield at hotmail.com

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  1. Aubrey Bascue says:

    She looks exactly like my Boxer/German Shepherd mix. I’m almost 100 % certain that’s what she is.

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