Ollie the Boxer Mix

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Boxer Mix

From June: Ollie is a Boxer mix. I just recently adopted Ollie (short for Oliver) and he is a very loving and playful and follows me around everywhere πŸ™‚ At the humane society they had him down as a white boxer but for some reason I think he might have something else and not just boxer he doesn’t have the overbite like most boxers but his cute as hell. One vet thinks he might be a full boxer and another one says he might be some kind of boxer terrier. Who knows who am I to judge a cute mixed puppy when most people like me now a days are so mixed.

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  1. Sammie says:

    Hi Ollie,

    We just adopted Sammie 2 weeks ago. She looks just like Ollie! What state did you adopt her, literally looks like she could be a sibling to Sammie.

    We’ve heard everything from Boxer, to Terrier, to Hound mix. Recently we’ve (for the moment) narrowed it down to a Plott Hound/Boxer Mix.

    Sara & Tyler

  2. Jen says:

    We have a boxer, hound dog, jack russel, boston terrier mix (I know that is a whole lot of love, lol) that is about the best dog we have ever had. She is so adorable and sweet with our boys. She is a silly busy girl, and I love how she uses her paws so much to move your hand to pet her, roll up and down the windows in the car, move stuff around on the floor, and all kinds of other antics.

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