Rocky Raccoon the Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer Mix

Boxer Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Photo Picture

Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer Mix

From Lily: Rocky is a Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer and a lover of all people, he is a lucky boy who was rescued from the Pasadena, CA shelter 3 years ago. A big 75 lb guy with the sweetest eyes and a big smile. He now lives with 2 cats and comes to work with me every day where he gets endless pats, chases, toys, treats and snuggles all day.

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  1. lisa says:

    hi, how did you get your ridgeback mix to get along with your cats. our ridgeback mix is 1 yr old been with us from a puppy at shelter we have had her almost a yr she still chases our two cats..can you help? thanks

    • Lily says:

      Hi Lisa – he is not always the best with the cats he does tolerate them pretty well. But he is quite lazy so chasing isn’t really an issue. I’ve heard that the best way to get a dog to really get along with the cats is to use crate training and have the cats walk freely around the room and feed the dog treats while the cats are in plain view, over time the dog gets the whole positive association with the cat friends.

      But even more so I have discovered a HUGE part of dog/cat relations lays heavily on the cat, a confident cat will get along much better with dogs and dogs will respect and/or ignore a cat with a high place in the animal hierarchy in the household. So it’s really a crap shoot what will work, if all else fails I am a fan of the separate rooms and rotations routine, it’s not the ideal picture perfect animal house but at least everyone is safe and loved.

  2. Lara says:

    He looks like my Tsunami’s twin! I adopted him from the Lancaster shelter almost 4 years ago, they could be brothers!!

  3. laura conkey says:

    I love your rocky! He looks just like my lucy girl! Beautiful dogs! Great with kids and she loves people!

  4. michele says:

    Wow! Georgeous. Rocky raccoon looks exactly like our dog twinkie. She is 6months old. Rhodesisan, mastiff, staffordshire terrier (pit). Her dad is rhodesian n mastiff. Mom is blue nose stafford. Very great dogs!

  5. Lily says:

    Thanks everyone for all of the sweet comments! Lara please send a photo of Tsunami! I always wonder where Rocky’s litter mates could have ended up, it’s so sad to think about his parents and his litter mates and not knowing the fate of any. The shelters are so full of the best dogs all fighting for a chance to live. I spend every day promoting adoptions/fostering and spay/neutering hoping for change xo

  6. Nancy says:

    Just lost my ridgeback/boxer in December. She was the best dog I ever had. She was 14 yrs old. I’m still heartbroken.

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