Rottweiler Boxer Mix named Scooby Doo

Rottweiler Boxer Mix picture

Boxer Rottweiler Mix

From : Scooby Doo is a  Rottweiler Boxer Mix. He is 110 pounds of playful, loyal, intelligence. He lives with a cat and loves people and other animals. He has not shown any aggressive tendencies and he is almost four years old. He is fully trained but gets excited and forgets his training.

He has advanced Hip Dysplasia but it does not seem to stop him from running yet. He had an operation at six months for a luxating patella. Kind, gentle, caring, he is my best friend forever.

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  1. Denise says:

    Awww! Scooby Doo so cute! My Oso is a Rottie-Pei, 92 pounds, and 5 yrs old. Forgive him when he forgets; Oso’s an excellently trained therapy dog, but he forgets, too–especially when squirrels and rabbits are involved or a really cute Poodle girl dog. He’s good around our two cats and is a model for the neighborhood pets. He’s helps me maintain my 47 pound weight loss; he’s better and still cheaper than weight watchers!! We all love our rottweiller mutts!! dlc

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