Corgi Bulldog Mix See Picture & Description

Corgi Bulldog Mix

Corgi Bulldog Mix

This is  a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Bulldog mix. What a great mix. An energetic little shepherd and a stocky dog that appreciates a good rest every ten strides or so.

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4 Responses to “Corgi Bulldog Mix See Picture & Description”

  1. ashley says:

    im wondering what my corgi could be mixed with? heres a link:

    • AllMutt says:

      I’ll take a guess. There is obviously a lot of Pembroke there and I would think the unknown part of that dog is also long, short legged, and a lighter single color short coat. So I would guess that your dog is a Dorgi (a Dachshund Corgi mix) or a Chiweenie Pembroke mix. I lean towards a Chiweenie due to the lighter color and the upright ears.

  2. Lacey says:

    Amstaff corgi or bull terrier corgi. I have a mini bull terrier welsh corgi and she looks almost identical!

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