Layla the Collie Bulldog Mix

Collie Bulldog Mix Picture

Collie Bulldog Mix

From John: Layla is a Collie Bulldog mix. 10 weeks old when got her free from guy with 4 pups at the car wash. She is short hair and looks like she got her coloring from her dad who was a Collie and mom was a Bulldog “all the other pups were white and wide”. She looked like the runt but sometime they’re the best ones. She does not like to fetch but I will train her. She has brought life back into my old Labrador Retriever. She likes treats can already sit and is on the way to being potty trained. She seems to be a nice dog but is still young and puppies will mess up.

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  1. Shelly says:

    Many of the pure bulldogs are sickly dogs because they are bred in puppy mills. You are lucky to have a mixed breed–you’ve got a great looking dog who will enjoy good health.

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