Mastiff Great Dane Bulldog Mix

Bandogge Mastiff Great Dane Bulldog Mix Picture

Bandogge Mastiff Great Dane Bulldog Mix

This dog looks a bit intimidating but if you look at the mix of breeds that make it up, Mastiff, Great Dane, and Bulldog, this dog should be easy going and maybe lazy.  It’s very impressive looks may cause some people to cross the street but others will want to stop and talk

8 Responses to “Mastiff Great Dane Bulldog Mix”

  1. scott reilly says:

    wrong thats a pitbull and mastiff/bull mastiff mix. It is not lazy and its a powerful guard dog that will terrify anyone.

    • Bulldogger30 says:

      i never seen where it said pitbull anywhere on here this dog is mixed with a bulldog which kind who knows im going to say american bulldog

  2. K Cowan says:

    I had a pitbull/mastiff mix and he was lazy, which is why I loved him so much. He was intimidating looking, but a big lazy teddy bear. Very low maintenance and amazing with small children.

  3. Marie says:

    I would like to have one of these mixed breeds. Please telll me how to acquire one.

    Thank you

    • donjai says:

      i have a calico colored pitt bandogge mix that im selling for 250 hes 3months old, house trained and dewormed. text me at2407948038. im in maryland zipcode 20735

  4. Rachael Csencsits says:

    How can I get one of these greatdane/mastiff/bullbog mix puppies like the black and white one in the picture. I live on a big farm in PA and would love this beautifull dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katie says:

      Try searching “Olympic Dogs” a breeder in WA state does Dane x Mastiff and Dane x Dogo crosses from time to time, very beautiful and very amazing dogs! I’ve had a couple of his Dane crosses before, and his photos don’t do justice. Very sweet, very powerful dogs who look much like that photo, except depending on what breeding, some are more or less Dane-ish in appearance. That dog shown is very bully-looking as if it has little to no Dane behind it.

  5. Rebelrun says:

    I just bought a 1/3 neopolitan massive 1/3 great dane and 1/3 pit since Obama tryin 2 take our guns she gonna be my protection in bout a year

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