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Husky German Shepherd Mix – Kiba

From Tyfany: Kiba is  an Alaskan Husky German Shepherd Dog mix or a Husky German Shepherd Mix for short. She needs ALL the attention and loves to snuggle. She is extremely energetic! She loves running alongside my bike and her favorite game is tug. She also loves playing in the snow and she climbs on […]


Husky Pit Bull Mix – Alaskan Husky Pit Bull Terrier

Husky American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Picture

Husky Pit Bull Mix: The owner of this Alaskan Husky American Pit Bull Terrier mix must get a lot of questions and compliments. I expect a lot of people would guess it to be a German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever mix with it’s striking and solid looking face.