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Amber a Great Dane American Bulldog Mix

From Brent: Amber a Great Dane American Bulldog mix. Her nickname is Tardo, the nickname speaks for itself as far as her personality goes. Her dad is a  Great Dane, and the mother an American Bulldog. Everyone says she looks like a boxer, but its obviously not true.


Igor the Old Victorian Bulldogge American Bulldog Mix

From Ian: Igor is an Old Victorian Bulldogge American Bulldog mix. He is 105lbs and us an amazingly built dog. His temperament is great! Couldn’t ask for a better dog. Everywhere we go he is the center of attention.


Nikita (Noodles) the American Bulldog Boxer Mix

From Lu and Andy: Nikita (Noodles) is an American Bulldog Boxer mix. She’s a big soft adorable bundle of softness that does nothing but sleep!


Foxhound, American Bulldog, Great Dane Mix

The sighting of this dog would definitely produce the question: “What kind of a dog is that?” Once someone is told that it is a Great Dane, Foxhound, American Bulldog mix it would make sense. The Great Dane mix size is obvious. The American Foxhound colors are apparent. The face is primarily that of an […]


American Bulldog Bull Mastiff Mix

Here’s an impressive dog that would be your best friend an a watch dog no one would mess with. This is an American Bulldog Bull Mastiff mix will be a confident and loyal dog.


Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge is a new breed developed by David Leavitt through the crossing English Bulldog,  American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, and American Bulldog. In 1971 Leavitt became disenchanted with English Bulldogs due to problems with breathing and breeding. He became aware that they didn’t resemble their ancestors. They were less extreme and […]