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Blue Heeler Shetland Sheepdog Mix

Blue Heeler Shetland Sheepdog Mix From Heidi: Honey is a Blue Heeler Shetland Sheepdog Mix. Honey is five months old she looks more like her father. Her father is a sheltie, but has the spots and coat of a heeler . She is very eager to please, is vocal , and loves learning new tricks […]


Austin the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

From : Austin is an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler mix. He loves to play and run outside. He is hyper most of the time. He loves to be a cuddly lazy dog on cold stormy days. Austin is a wonderful, loving family dog. Once he gets to know you he loves you and attacks you […]


Twister the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Rottweiler Mix

From Paul: Twister is a loyal 12 year old dog. He likes walks, eating dirt, and drinking lots of water until he pukes. I named him Twister because as a puppy the fur on the end of his tail was twisted. As a puppy I adopted him at a Petco store. While he was a puppy […]


NaughtieBit the Blue Heeler Corgi Mix

From Ellie: NaughtieBit is very hyper and fun but also protective. She does not like strangers at all! She just loves being with our family and stick with me (eldest daughter) most the time. Though she is stubborn she was easy to train.