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Reece the Irish Terrier Border Terrier Mix

From Florence: Reece is an  Irish Terrier Border Terrier mix. Reece love to play with everything and everyone he loves to play rough but know when he is around the wee one he know to be gentle he is very smart but know how to be sneaky too when i first brought him home it […]


Bear the Papillon Border Terrier Mix

From  Cassidy:  This is my Bear, right now Bear is 8 months old, he is a Papillon Border Terrier mixed, is 13 1/2 inches tall from the shoulder down to the ground. his fur color is a golden brown with white on his chest that is out lined with black on the chest only, his […]


Atticus the Border Terrier Jack Russell Terrier Mix

From Anna: Atticus is a Border Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix. Atticus is 100% terrier. He likes to dig holes in the back yard, chase squirrels and he barks very loud.


Little Bear the Terrier Mix

From Danielle: We have no idea what Little Bear is, we got him from a abusive home when he as 3 months old, he is super happy all the time and runs around like crazy after baths, he is just super energetic. He loves to play fetch and he is a little over  one year old. […]


Thor the Chihuahua Border Terrier Mix

From Brian: Thor is a Chihuahua Border Terrier mix. He is a Bottle of energy. He is territorial. with the Terrier ears on a Chihuahua head…. he never knows how his ears should flop. His favorite form of affection is licking your face. and don’t you dare laugh it just encourages him more.