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Tifa – Chinese Crested Shih Tzu Mix

From Gry: Tifa is the kindest dog. She loves people both children and old people. Whenever I tell people that I have a crested-mix they all say “eew”. But everyone melts when they meet her. She seems like a 50-50 mix in the looks. She lacks hair on her stomach and throat, but have lots of […]


Curly the Chinese Crested Dachshund Mix

Curly is a Chinese Crested Dachshund mix. Curly is an amazing dog.  He does show the typical “Velcro” trait (a Chinese Crested will stick to its favorite person like Velcro) of the Chinese Crested.  He barks like a hound.  And digs like a Dachshund.  When I tell people about him, they invariably say “Ewwww!”  Until […]


Chinese Crested Schnauzer Mix

The Chinese Crested is one of the most unique breeds. Schnauzers are much more of a main stream breed, a middle of the road terrier.  In this little guy, the Schnauzer influence is obvious but I don’t thing many people would pick a Chinese Crested based on the looks of this pup. You can see […]