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Labrador Retriever Dalmatian Mix

From Michael: Hutch is a Labrador Retriever Dalmatian mix.  He is a people-doggie! He took to all family members immediately, is content to lay around me all the time, and is always eager to meet animals, though he’s still learning how to temper his excitement due to his being a rescue dog multiple times. Clearly a […]


Mila the Dalmatian Labrador Retriever Mix

From Gemma: Mila the . Black Dog with light brown legs and dark black spots a white underbelly and black spots. Slender body. Hyper Active, playful, very sensitive, Very loyal and affectionate and always wants to be near her master. Extremely inteligent Knows and learns tricks fast and knows how to communicate to us her […]


Ginny the Beagle Basset Hound Dalmatian Mix

Ginny is a Beagle Basset Hound Dalmatian mix. Ginny is a mild-mannered, gentle, lazy dog. I adopted her at age 5 and she definitely has a basset hound personality. She is shy with new people and new dogs but she gets along well with most animals. She is VERY scent oriented and food motivated and cannot […]


Topaz! the Basenji Dalmatian Mix

From Heidi:  Topaz is an energetic Basenji Dalmatian mix breed dog, but loves to just curl up next to you and sleep too. He is attached to me and about two other people, everyone else he gets along with but doesn’t listen to as well. From the Basenji side he get his curly tail, upright […]