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Jimmie Boy the Shar-Pei Bull Terrier Mix

From Melissa: Where do I start? Jimmy was so loving, he would cuddle with you & sleep right next to us. We got Jimmy when he was 10 weeks old & he lived to be 13 years old. The day we brought him home he was house broken. Jimmy would knock on the door when […]


Hughey the Shar-Pei English Bull Terrier Mix

From Sam: Hughey is a Shar-Pei English Bull Terrier mix. Hughey is a very physically strong dog for his medium 60 pound frame. He is very athletic, a great jumper, and super affectionate! Sometimes a little bit strong headed, but always listens in the end. From Hughey: Sam is a great guy and he has […]


Sasha the English Bull Terrier German Shepherd Dog Mix

From Maggie: Sasha the English Bull Terrier German Shepherd Dog mix. Sasha was living in someone’s back yard tied to a post because she was “destructive and uncontrollable”. Since she came to live with us she has shown her true personality. She is an intelligent, sweet natured girl who loves to play and is friends […]


Ellie Mae: Border Collie, Boxer, English Bull Terrier Mix

From Vanessa: Ellie Mae is a 6 months old Border Collie, Boxer, and English Bull Terrier Mix; according to the blood work a “mixed breed” also came up but for the most part she is those breeds (percentage wise). She’s a very energetic puppy and also very smart. She does have a food allergy with […]


Diva – English Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Agnes: Diva is an English Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier. She is smart as a Pit and stubborn as a Bully. Her looks is the perfect mix of both breeds. Her nose long, but doesn’t have the football shape. Her eyes slanted, deep set. Diva weigh about 45 lb. Very energetic, happy friendly […]