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Susie the Toy Fox Terrier French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix

From Karla: According to Susie’s DNA, she is a French Bulldog/Toy Fox Terrier/Chi (French Taco Terrier). She is very energetic and clever. Although energetic, she also enjoys lounging around and was easy to train. Her skull is Chi-like but she has extremely long back legs and a Frenchie’s shoulders, with those adorable ears that you […]


Noele a French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix

From Emiliana: I love her. Noele a French Bulldog Chihuahua mix. She’s energetic, smart, playful, needy, barks, and a good little watchdog. She brings me a toy and wants me to chase her. I do chase her throughout the house until I wear myself out. She never seems to get tired. She sits like a […]


Sita the French Bulldog Boxer Mix

Sita is a french bulldog-boxer mix (a french bulloxer) she i one of THE kalmest dogs in side the home you will meet, out side she Realy likes to run. she snores a bit and realy loves to cuddle.Not dominant at all but she is a watchdog by nature. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHE0q1agG5w&feature=player_embedded


Staffordshire Terrier French Bulldog Mix

American Staffordshire Terrier French Bulldog Mix Picture

Jude is a strong, energetic dog who would pull hard on a leash right now without some training to learn to walk by your side. He is affectionate, friendly, and house broken. He is the kind of dog that wants to be king of his own castle as far as other dogs go.


French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix

Paco and Winston are litter mates. They are French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix. We got them from a shelter organization in Colorado. They rescued them from a kill shelter in Missouri. They’re Brindle, and about 11 pounds each. Paco is a good deal shorter than his brother and more French Bulldog in his stance and demeanor. […]


French Bulldog Feist Mix

If you are not familiar with the breed called the Feist, you are probably not alone. The Feist is a hunting dog similar to the Rat Terrier and Jack Russell terrier.  French Bulldogs are widely know as a smaller bulldog from France. Mixing a Feist with a very active terrier insurance that the offspring will […]