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Lily the French Mastiff Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

From Cindy: Lily is a French Mastiff Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix. We adore our rescue Lily. Her personality is so BIG, so we had a DNA test done to find out why. She is half Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) and the other half is Border Collie/Australian Shepherd.


French Mastiff German Shepherd Dog Mix

Odin is looks like a combination between the French Mastiff and German Shepard dog, with his reddish blond fur and black muzzle. His head is rounder like a Mastiff, but his muzzle isn’t as square. He has Shepherd large ears that are starting to stand up. He is extremely intelligent, at 7 weeks old he […]


German Shepherd French Mastiff Mix

Rosco looks mostly like a German Shepard, but is stockier like a French Mastiff. And has some wrinkles around his head, face, and upper body. He is also very intelligent, protective like a Shepard, and stubborn like a Mastiff.