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Sadie Sue the Great Dane Gordon Setter Mix

From Angel: All the benefits and looks of a Great Dane in a Gordon Setter sized body. Sadie Sue is mellow in the house. She is a protective dog, and a sidekick. She needs her daily exercise outside. Usually this is two long walks. She has a hunting dog nose, and lives to chase squirrels up […]


Buddy the American Cocker Spaniel Gordon Setter Mix

From Alicia: Buddy (AKA Butternut Squashington) is an American Cocker Spaniel Gordon Setter mix. Buddy is a very happy pooch who loves to play. He is an intelligent dog who loves learning new tricks. He is very friendly and a great swimmer. He loves tennis balls more than anything.


Bandit the Gordon Setter Golden Retriever Mix

From Mark: Bandit is a Gordon Setter Golden Retriever cross. Bandit has the best qualities of the Gordon and the Golden. He is playful and loves kids and other dogs. Bandit rocks!


Border Collie Gordon Setter Mix

Here are Ella.  She is from Norway and is  4 months old here. Her blend is  Gordon Setter and Border Collie. She is simply the best. Can you resist that face?