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Bayli the Irish Setter Neapolitan Mastiff Mix

From Brandi: Bayli is an Irish Setter Neapolitan Mastiff mix. She is funny, talkative and hyper just like her Irish dad but miss Bayli has a spicy side 100% for her strong mom. She is super protective she loves to be the boss and patrol and will guard her yard with enthusiasm but has a […]


Scout the American Eskimo Poodle Mix

From Elizabeth: Scout is an American Eskimo Poodle Mix. Scout is a sweet little dog that we rescued from an animal shelter in 2010. He weighs approximately 15 pound and in addition to the breeds we listed he is also Bichon Frise, Pomeranian, Irish Setter and Chow Chow. He wants everybody to be his friend! […]


Barry the Irish Setter Kenyan Fox Hound Mix

From Stefanie: Barry is an Irish Setter Kenyan Foxhound mix. His mom was an Irish Setter. His father was a dog that was seen briefly around the neighborhood. He was later identified as a Kenyon Foxhound. I guess you could say his breed has a bit of everything except the working group. He was easy […]