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Bebe the Miniature Pinscher Italian Greyhound Mix

From Julie: Bebe is a rescue dog that needed a warm and loving home and she has found it here, with us! She is the youngest of our fur-daughters, having a big sister, Shellie Bellie, a Border Collie-Sheltie mix; and a middle sister, Lillian, a short haired black Siamese cat. (Just don’t tell Lillian she is […]


Jimmy the Basset Hound Italian Greyhound Mix

From Nuclear Bob: Jimmy is Basset Hound Italian Greyhound Mix. He is very energetic and inquisitive, loves to chase birds and is an excellent watchdog. Also a sucker for belly rubs and playing with kids.


Italian Greyhound Mix with Doberman Pinscher

From Anastasia: Cabella is an Italian Greyhound Mix with Doberman Pinscher. Cabella is a very fast dog with a great personality, she loves people, others animals and especially squirrels. Cabella is just over 18 months old and I rescued her from a shelter when she was only 3 months. They said she was a hound terrier mix, but […]