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Bloodhound Mix with Newfoundland

From Naomi: Apollo is 64 pounds and 4 months old. He is a Newfoundland Bloodhound Mix. We got him from a family friend who’s dogs had a little too much fun one evening.. But nevertheless we are in love with this critter. His eyes are both very Bloodhound like and Newfy like. He is very stubborn like […]


Border Collie Newfoundland Mix – Gertie

Border Collie Newfoundland Mix From Jodi: Gertie is an 8-month old, 74 pound bundle of trouble. She is a big clown who tends to get into things. Gertie is a Border Collie Newfoundland mix. She is lean and lanky with long legs. Her body is white with black spotting, and her face has symmetric black markings […]


Marley the Newfoundland Siberian Husky Mix

From Annika: My dog is a Siberian Husky and a Newfoundland mix. Marley is only 9 months old but is a big dog, he looks more like a Siberian husky. people also ask if hes a German Shepherd and he’s not even close to that breed. He is a very kind and high energetic kind […]


Great Dane and Newfoundland = Big and Bigger

Great Danes are quite tall and long and the Newfounlands are massive.  Put the two together and what a beast you get! I think the Jack Russell below this guy isn’t quite standing up straight but I am sure that little guy wouldn’t back away from anyone with a friend like that.