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Barry the Irish Setter Kenyan Fox Hound Mix

From Stefanie: Barry is an Irish Setter Kenyan Foxhound mix. His mom was an Irish Setter. His father was a dog that was seen briefly around the neighborhood. He was later identified as a Kenyon Foxhound. I guess you could say his breed has a bit of everything except the working group. He was easy […]


Robin the Bat Terrier

From Bruce in Queensland Australia: Robin is unique pet to say the least. He is part Fruit Bat and part Sealyham Terrier. We live not to far from Carnarvon Gorge and our neighbours Sealyham runs around the paddock night and day. My neighbour reckons the Fruit Bat got a little randy with his dog one […]


Rin Lin Lin – Panda Chow Chow Mix

From Hiu Hi: Rin Lin Lin is a Panda Chow Chow boy. We adopted Rin from a Panda preserve in the New Territories.  His father was a pure Chow Chow that was the preserve minister’s dog who had full run of the reserve. Rin does well in our Kowloon flat. He doesn’t require much exercise […]