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Copper a Plott Hound German Shepherd Mix

From Katherine: Copper is a Plott Hound German Shepherd mix. My cousin fostered him and his siblings. all of his siblings looked like lab-retriever mix. he was the smallest, and so different. but he’s just so cute, loving, and super smart. hopefully he grows up to be a great hunting dog! my vet told me that […]


Buddy the Plott Hound Rat Terrier Mix

From Scott: Buddy is a Plott Hound Rat Terrier mix. We just got this dog and we are unsure if this is correct. Does this look like a plott hound/rat terrier mix? This is what the former owner said. He is about 3 months old. How much bigger do you think he will get?


Latte the Plott Hound American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Jen: Latte is a Plott Hound American Pit Bull Terrier mix. Latte is loving, energetic,loves to lick, and loyal. She is a lean 55 lb 10 month old. Her growing should be completed. She continues to learn and adapt to our routine! What a great girl! The shelter labeled Latte as a Plott mix, […]


Petey the Plott Hound Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

From Jessie: Petey is a Plott Hound Rhodesian Ridgeback Miniature Poodle Mix, as confirmed by a DNA test. He is very fast (clocked at over 35mph!) and a tested guard dog. He loves to sleep at the end of the bed and bite golf cart tires. The only sign of his poodleness is when he […]


Nuttella the Plott Hound German Shepherd Dog Mix

Plott Hound German Shepherd Dog Mix Photo Picture

From Laura: After the loss of a dog that was my girl for 13 years I was heartbroken. After agonizing weeks and looking at so many dogs that needed a home I saw her and I spelled her name different than the spread. I saw Nuttella her pic just said to me please come get […]


Misty – Boxer Plott Hound Mix

Misty is a Boxer Plott Hound mix. She is a big goofy sweetheart. She can be as calm as can be and act a lot like Eeyore, or she can be as fast as a grey hound, running around at top speed. Most of the time, she just wants to be right at our side, […]


Tytan – Plott Hound Mastiff Mix

From Kim: Tytan is a Plott Hound Mastiff mix.  My dog Tytan looks like the mastiff but his brother Shaymus looks like the Plott Hound. As you can see from this photo, he may grow up to be a (remote) control freak.


Olive the Plott Hound Mix

From Ty and Amanda: Olive is a Plott Hound Mix. She is very kind, loyal, inquisitive and smart. She loves other dogs and maybe people even more. She is 7 months old.