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Odie the Queensland Heeler Pug Mix

From Sarah: Odie is a wonderful family dog. Odie is a Queensland Heeler Pug mix. Weighing in at 30 pounds he is the perfect size for any household. He is a medium energy dog. He loves to play fetch and round up the kitties.


Founder the Heeler Mix

From Selena: Founder is a Founder was “found” on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. She is a small heeler mix of about 30lbs with a blood piercing bark and an adventuresome personality. She has the little dog complex and hates being around bigger dogs if she can’t be the alpha female. I’ve been curious […]


Cali the Australian Shepherd Queensland Heeler Mix

From Madison: Cali is the Australian Shepherd Queensland Heeler mix. Cali is so sweet, playful, and athletic, but also very goofy and unique:)


Dinga the Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler Mix

From Dane: Dinga is an Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler mix. She is as smart as a tack. She can learn some tricks or skills after only 5 repetitions.  She love to run and will chase balls at the park forever.  She is great with kids but some times will “herd” them when she sees […]